Spring, try again.

Closed for summer, thank you for all your support !

Yeah, so it's Finally spring!

Whooooo! *High 5! *

Oh, p.s. it's only 29 degrees and it's supposed to snow {again} on Monday.

{photo from TheMetaPicture.com}

{thanks Michelle for posting this photo 1st, lol.....}

Spring, I think you need to try harder.

A lot harder.

{This is the one of the hardest times of the year for me to deal with, I am winter weary and just in need of sunshine and warmth. Or we need to be able to hibernate. I would happily sleep through winter and wake up signaficantly thinner!}

I hope you all are surviving this lovely Spring weather.

At least I have plenty of sewing to keep me warm indoors!

Any tips to tide me over until summer? Leave a comment below!

Stay Positive and Love Your Life!


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have an amazing week!




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