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Letting Stuff Go

Yesterday I finally tackled the long overdue project of purging and organizing our filing cabinet.

The filing cabinet, a lovely "oak" laminate over particle board 2 drawer POS {which incidentally, was somehow fatally broken in our last move a year ago}  had been simply tied closed with twine and relocated from our 1st apartment, to our first rental home, then our own home, and finally here.

I am all for recycling, repairing, upcycling, and repurposing, but sometimes things are just too far gone and not worth saving!

Waving the White Underpad of Surrender

We have a very sad smelly soggy problem at my house.

The two youngest, at 7 years old and 5 and 1/2 years old, still wet the bed.

Every freaking night.


I have tried just about every {humane} trick in the book.

{well, not the "bed alarm" things.... they sound an alarm if they detect moisture. Borderline on the "humane" aspect- for kids and parents- and we can't afford them anyway....}

Put Your Hands up and Back Away from the Stuff, Lady

Today I am going with my mother to help my grandmother tackle her closets.

I have mentioned before, I actually love cleaning and organizing!

{maybe I shouldn't say cleaning, because I do not mean I like scrubbing floors and such! I mean cleaning up stuff/clutter and taming it.}

I am so excited, it will be a nice afternoon with 3 generations of ladies, and I am also glad to be able to help with something.

Let's hope Gramma feels the same.

Fabric Intervention

Hi, my name is Diana, and I am addicted to fabric.

There, I've said it. I have fabric. Lots and lots and lots of fabric.

Before I end up on Hoarders, I need to get real about sorting it and part with a bunch of it!

Me and My Shadow

I have been fat. I have been thin. I had 3 babies. I quit smoking. I jogged 3 miles a day. I stopped exercising at all.

None of this really matters, I have never felt comfortable in my own skin.

I felt the same way about the person I saw in the mirror at 97 pounds as I did about the person I saw in the mirror at 192 pounds.

Harsh words.

Ugly. Gross. Fat.

Vacation Hangover

I am so wiped out today, it was all I could do to find some cute animal pics to hold the blog over until I can form complete sentences again.

{What is with the "vacation hangover"?!? I don't mean literally from drinking, I mean being tired from having a vacation!}

This photo has been making the rounds, I could not find an original source, so if you know it please tell me so I can give credit where credit is due!

I feel like doing exactly this:

Don't Stay Home

This week has been our family vacation week. My Mr. took the whole week off work so we could do...... something.

Finances are ridiculous as usual,

so no beach trip to Rehoboth....

Rehoboth Beach Deleware

{how I wish, how I wish we were here.... I think this is from 2009...}

no trip to the zoo, or Dutch Wonderland, or State College......


I am by no means a photographer.... not even close.....

but have you ever tried to take a photo of four boys at once?

I'm not sure it's possible to get a shot where someone is not blurry....

four boys, two mine, two friends

We have 2 "extra" little boys here to play today.... "hold still" haahhaa!

It's Like Magic!

I don't usually watch much TV.

{For many reasons, but the top 2 are: 1.  I'm busy and  2. most TV is awful crap.}

I also hate commercials. Hate them. Like yell at the TV crazy person arms flailing hate commercials.

Like the one for "Soma Intimates Vanishing Tummy" underpants.

{ You can see a promo here, click  the "See Us on TV" to watch, it's about halfway down the page.}

So, here is the magic:

Presenting Super New Awesome!

This past Friday night I got out my sketch book {which is hilarious, since I can't draw} to design a new wristlet.

I wanted a big retro bow, and I wanted a unique PrettyCoolShops design.

First I mocked up my idea in the 'sketch' book.... don't laugh, I can't draw... you've been warned....

sketch book bow