Closed for summer, thank you for all your support !

Only You....

So a couple of weeks ago, I whipped up this "infographic" with my mad Paint Shop skills.

I think it sums up a great deal of PrettyCoolShops "philosophy".

you signature look is all about you, and only you.


I would always rather have something one of a kind. I have never understood the drive to have the "new cool thing that everyone else has".

By Any Other Name....

A couple of weeks ago we started learning Mandarin Chinese. {"summer enrichment"}

I am a bit ahead of the children in their lessons, and I just now got to the most important word!

No, it's not "bathroom"....

it's how to say coffee!

coffee in mandarin


Sorry to Beat a Dead Horse Here

So, yeah.... Facebook "promoted posts".

In case you haven't heard, Facebook page "owners" can now pay to have their posts reach more of the people that like their page.

Yes, pay to have their posts reach more of the people that have already liked their page.

This bums me out to say the least.

I always thought that by "liking" a page, one is expressing an interest in seeing what that page posts, yeah?

Another Milestone

This Sunday we went on a mini adventure with the whole family!

{a big deal for us, due to an annoying combo of The Husband's insane work schedules, shared custody of the eldest, and general lack of funds}

The Husband found a theater about 45 minutes away that shows $2 movies {$4 for 3D movies}. We took the kids to a 3D movie. It was the first time the 2 smallest boys saw a movie in a theater!

Summertime, livin's easy {er}

Today makes 3 weeks that the boys have been done with school for the summer, and we have been doing a great job doing a whole lot of not much 

They are allowed to watch TV first thing in the morning during summer break.

tv zombies

{which, by default, means I get to linger in peace  with my beloved coffee. Ahhhhh!}

The teenager got his learner's permit!

... this land is my land....

I am so happy and relieved this morning!

kool aid man copyright kool aid, man

{the Kool Aid man is copyright Kool Aid, man. }

All of the behind the scenes nonsense with my URL/domain has been resolved, and so my website address goes to my {new} website {here}.

{sounds so straightforward, yeah? lol}

At the risk of sounding like I am making an acceptance speech at the Oscars or something, I'd like to thank some folks.

I Miss my Other Machine

I have spent so much of the last month and a half on the computer, it's crazy!

Not just zoning out on Facebook, lol, no no!

So What?

I am all for letting my kids be their own people, especially when it comes to how they dress.

My philosophy is as long as they are good, polite, nice people who do what they need to be doing, who cares if they want long hair, blue hair, no hair, nail polish, stripes and polka dots together, PJs at the grocery store, super hero costume at church- whatever.

Wanted: PrettyCool YOU!!

This is a call to all.....

Wanted: Fab Fan Photos!!

Pics of YOU and your PrettyCoolShops purses, bags, bow ties, skirts- whatever!!

lil cutie wallet 31


Forgetting Something?

Have you ever left to run errands or something, and felt like you were forgetting something?

You check: keys, yup; wallet, yup; phone, yup; purse, yup; list,yup.... you run all errands successfully, and yet that feeling of having forgotten something sticks with you the whole time.

Anyone else, or is it just me?

{My Bestie in college and I had a pre-departure checklist of "I have my keys, I have my ID, I'm OK!!"}

I wouldn't go so far as to say that I feel lost.... or adrift.... or without purpose, nothing quite that dramatic.