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I DID It ! !

I did it!!

29 projects in 29 days!

{*A fat quarter is a one-fourth yard cut of fabric that (usually) measures 18" x 22"}

For the whole month of February I made ~something~ every day using a fat quarter of fabric as the main/exterior fabric.

Leap year = 29 days, 29 fat quarter pieces of fabric, 29 creations!!}

I hope next year other crafties will join me! Stay positive and love your life!


Tuesday To: Peachy Tuesday

Welcome to February 2012's Tuesday To*: featuring Peachy Tuesday!

Tuesday To: Om Shanti Naturals

Welcome to the first "Tuesday To: " post of 2012!

I hope this year has been good to you so far :)

This month's "Tuesday To: " features Om Shanti Naturals, natural, handmade, luxurious bath and body products.

Before it got cold, I stocked up on some yummy rich creams for my sad winter feet.

Tuesday To: Cynical Redhead

 This month's Tuesday To: Cynical Redhead!

Michelle creates the most fantastic accessories!

I started out buying a pair of earrings over a year ago:

Then I just had to get all of these magnets for my studio:

It's OK to Just Say, "No Thank You"

There is a good reason countless articles have been written on how to "just say no", because many people, especially women, feel guilty when they say "no".

Don't Feel Guilty!

[caption id="attachment_1653" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Mind Your Manners Letterpress Print (No, Thank You in Blue Steel) by SweetDee "]

Tuesday To: Rosie's Whimsy

There really is nothing more fabulous than having beautiful clothes that are comfortable and always fit!

This month's "Tuesday To:" is all about Rosie's Whimsy, a shop chock full of brilliant comfy skirts and more!

Tuesday to: Much Ado About You

{this is a sneak peek of a new monthly "featured post" I am starting. Every 2nd Tuesday of the month I will be reviewing a product that I have purchased and love, and possibly also sharing a short interview with the artist/shop owner. It will be called "Tuesday to: {artist name here}". I couldn't wait for the 2nd Tuesday of November to share this review, though, so here is the first "Tuesday to:" a couple weeks early! Love the idea? Don't Love? Please leave a comment!}


This is the back of our car.

Parcel of Grief

"My name is Arrow, and I am a boy with long hair!", he said as I struggled out of the backseat of my orange Subaru wagon with my baby boy. "I know" I smiled, "I have known you since you were born, since you were tinier than my baby boy".{Have you ever noticed how utterly unimpressed children are when you share this bit of information about them?}He was not impressed with this bit of information."My name is Arrow, and I am a boy with long hair!", he said as I struggled out of the backseat of my orange Subaru wagon with my baby boy.

Interview with a Luthier - Anthony Lembo - Lembo Custom Guitars

Luthier , n. a maker of stringed instruments{ bridge and soundhole detail }Luthier , n. a maker of stringed instruments

{ bridge and soundhole detail }