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Touch Me

I have a new design I am thrilled to share with you!

I was looking for one of those arm bands you stick your phone in so I could wear my phone while walking, but all the arm bands I looked at were big, bulky, neoprene {yuck!!} and, say, just how exactly do you wear them in the winter? Inside your coat? Outside? {I walk outdoors}.

Blessed and Busy

We made it, fairly well even, through the first week of school.

Despite the completely unnecessary mandatory orientation sessions every morning {both kids online in different "classrooms" at the same time}, we got all our lessons done AND there were no melt downs! {from me or the kids}


In the Navy

I have this skirt I love.

100% cotton goodness, maybe a little too long, but with plenty of swirl power.

Problem was, it was a light oatmeal tan-ish color.

#1 problem, oatmeal color can tend to be a bit "Meh".

#2 problem, I have 3 boys, this skirt was just asking to be stained by something, so I had never worn it!


boring skirt color

Tackling a Quick Project Reduces Guilt

Our beloved dog has been crate trained his whole life.

Dogs love it when they are used to it, it's his own little room.

He puts himself to bed most of the time.

Making a nice cover for it has been on my "to do" list for..... well.... he's almost 9 years old.

For years he's just had  an old sheet or towels covering his "room".....


ghetto dog

{Classy, yeah?}

Presenting Super New Awesome!

This past Friday night I got out my sketch book {which is hilarious, since I can't draw} to design a new wristlet.

I wanted a big retro bow, and I wanted a unique PrettyCoolShops design.

First I mocked up my idea in the 'sketch' book.... don't laugh, I can't draw... you've been warned....

sketch book bow

Only You....

So a couple of weeks ago, I whipped up this "infographic" with my mad Paint Shop skills.

I think it sums up a great deal of PrettyCoolShops "philosophy".

you signature look is all about you, and only you.


I would always rather have something one of a kind. I have never understood the drive to have the "new cool thing that everyone else has".

Etsy Sellers, Betcha Didn't Know This

Do you sell on Etsy? Betcha didn't know that your shop has it's own RSS feed ;) Yes, it's true!!Do you sell on Etsy? Betcha didn't know that your shop has it's own RSS feed ;) Yes, it's true!! Your fans can subscribe to your shop and get updated every time you add new items!

Mind Your Business!

Hi guys! I'm happy to share a brand new item in the shop- Business Card Cases!

{this one sold before I could even list it! thanks!}

Pillowcase Dress Pocket Tutorial

This past weekend I started sewing some dresses for Little Dresses For Africa, a great cause and a super fast and easy sewing project!

{my favorite line from the website: "Because of the difficult road that lies ahead, we want to give something to little girls to plant in their hearts that they are worthy."}

Get the instructions here.

You can literally make this dress from an old pillowcase, but I had almost 6 yards of cute faux patchwork material, so I decided to sew the largest size dress.

Out With the Old, In With the New!

More news to share with y'all! {if you missed the first batch, here's a link.}

I'm changing up a few more things around here, phasing out some old items, and I am very excited to be sewing up some new things!!