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Closed for summer, thank you for all your support !

Oh, riiiight....

remember that one time when you posted a blog entry for the first time in, oh, 3 years and you completely absolutely had forgotten you had your blog posts conveniently linked to your mailing list so it would just automatically send them out when you wrote them, and then when you got your own copy of said email in your inbox and the EVERYTHING ABOUT IT was 3 years out of date and just awful, and you felt like a total loser, like everybody just saw your underpants by accident or something?!


The Last Leaf

I sewed up and shipped out my last open order today, leaving me with nothing on my sewing schedule, no orders, not a one, for the first time in 4 {5?} years.
Day by day, as I pulled each post it off of my schedule all I could think about was the O. Henry story "The Last Leaf".
If you haven't read it, you should.

When I Grow Up

I finally know what I want to be when I grow up!

Awesome, right?!

Except.... well except it's kinda too late. Not hopelessly too late, but, well, most days it feels that way.


Some people totally know from the get go, they want to be a teacher or a nurse or a scientist or whatever. And so they do. I so admire my many friends who have done exactly what they set out to do.

Me and My Shadow

I have been fat. I have been thin. I had 3 babies. I quit smoking. I jogged 3 miles a day. I stopped exercising at all.

None of this really matters, I have never felt comfortable in my own skin.

I felt the same way about the person I saw in the mirror at 97 pounds as I did about the person I saw in the mirror at 192 pounds.

Harsh words.

Ugly. Gross. Fat.

Don't Stay Home

This week has been our family vacation week. My Mr. took the whole week off work so we could do...... something.

Finances are ridiculous as usual,

so no beach trip to Rehoboth....

Rehoboth Beach Deleware

{how I wish, how I wish we were here.... I think this is from 2009...}

no trip to the zoo, or Dutch Wonderland, or State College......

I Hate Homeschooling

But I do it anyway.

Here's why..... {back-story- it started here}

I swore for years I would never homeschool, I made a whole lot of noise about how no way no how was I going to "be stuck" with my kids being homeschooled.

I'm pretty sure I knew {with my Mom Super Powers} that Elijah was just not going to make it in a public/charter school.

Pillowcase Dress Pocket Tutorial

This past weekend I started sewing some dresses for Little Dresses For Africa, a great cause and a super fast and easy sewing project!

{my favorite line from the website: "Because of the difficult road that lies ahead, we want to give something to little girls to plant in their hearts that they are worthy."}

Get the instructions here.

You can literally make this dress from an old pillowcase, but I had almost 6 yards of cute faux patchwork material, so I decided to sew the largest size dress.

Parcel of Grief

"My name is Arrow, and I am a boy with long hair!", he said as I struggled out of the backseat of my orange Subaru wagon with my baby boy. "I know" I smiled, "I have known you since you were born, since you were tinier than my baby boy".{Have you ever noticed how utterly unimpressed children are when you share this bit of information about them?}He was not impressed with this bit of information."My name is Arrow, and I am a boy with long hair!", he said as I struggled out of the backseat of my orange Subaru wagon with my baby boy.