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Closed for summer, thank you for all your support !

It's Alright

How do y'all feel about a once a week on Saturday post?

I sit here, it's 7:43 am on Tuesday. By my alarm I am 13 minutes late to my bi-weekly blog post writing. {Yes, I actually have an alarm set on my phone.... otherwise it's too easy to get lost in the ether.....}

I am late and feeling guilty.

Back to School

Today we start homeschooling again, wish me luck, pray, cross your fingers.

I need all the help I can get!

This will be middle dude's 2nd grade year, and youngest dude's 1st grade year.

{The Eldest Dude is in a charter school he loves, and is in 11th grade. Yes. No, really! And taking one college course Wednesday evenings.}

By Any Other Name....

A couple of weeks ago we started learning Mandarin Chinese. {"summer enrichment"}

I am a bit ahead of the children in their lessons, and I just now got to the most important word!

No, it's not "bathroom"....

it's how to say coffee!

coffee in mandarin


Summertime, livin's easy {er}

Today makes 3 weeks that the boys have been done with school for the summer, and we have been doing a great job doing a whole lot of not much 

They are allowed to watch TV first thing in the morning during summer break.

tv zombies

{which, by default, means I get to linger in peace  with my beloved coffee. Ahhhhh!}

The teenager got his learner's permit!

I Hate Homeschooling

But I do it anyway.

Here's why..... {back-story- it started here}

I swore for years I would never homeschool, I made a whole lot of noise about how no way no how was I going to "be stuck" with my kids being homeschooled.

I'm pretty sure I knew {with my Mom Super Powers} that Elijah was just not going to make it in a public/charter school.