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Closed for summer, thank you for all your support !

Hey Mommy? Oh, nevermind.....

{Scene: me in bed, presumably still asleep, this morning, 6 a.m.}

Second son: {knocks, comes in} Hey.... Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? Mommy?...... Mommy??

Me: mmmohhgjfjdummmm...huh?

Second son: Mommy? Mommy? Hey, uh, Mommy? Mommy? you're awake, right? Mommy?

Me:  uuugghhhhh?!

Second Son: oh, nevermind...... {exits}

Me : gah! {now awake, no turning back, I get up to start coffee}

Merit Badges for Parents

This might not be the most coherent post I have ever written.

I am up at 3:30 am, on a Saturday.

"Why?", you may ask.

Not because I am up to some wicked fun cool stuff..... nope.

Parenting stuff.

The best parenting stuff always seems to happen after 1am, you ever notice that?

This was an epic battle with the teenager's nosebleed. He is fine, me.... I'm ok now, but when the 2 little dudes get up in 3 hours.... well probably not so much. Start the coffee IV, stat!

It's Alright

How do y'all feel about a once a week on Saturday post?

I sit here, it's 7:43 am on Tuesday. By my alarm I am 13 minutes late to my bi-weekly blog post writing. {Yes, I actually have an alarm set on my phone.... otherwise it's too easy to get lost in the ether.....}

I am late and feeling guilty.

Back to School

Today we start homeschooling again, wish me luck, pray, cross your fingers.

I need all the help I can get!

This will be middle dude's 2nd grade year, and youngest dude's 1st grade year.

{The Eldest Dude is in a charter school he loves, and is in 11th grade. Yes. No, really! And taking one college course Wednesday evenings.}

Waving the White Underpad of Surrender

We have a very sad smelly soggy problem at my house.

The two youngest, at 7 years old and 5 and 1/2 years old, still wet the bed.

Every freaking night.


I have tried just about every {humane} trick in the book.

{well, not the "bed alarm" things.... they sound an alarm if they detect moisture. Borderline on the "humane" aspect- for kids and parents- and we can't afford them anyway....}


I am by no means a photographer.... not even close.....

but have you ever tried to take a photo of four boys at once?

I'm not sure it's possible to get a shot where someone is not blurry....

four boys, two mine, two friends

We have 2 "extra" little boys here to play today.... "hold still" haahhaa!

Another Milestone

This Sunday we went on a mini adventure with the whole family!

{a big deal for us, due to an annoying combo of The Husband's insane work schedules, shared custody of the eldest, and general lack of funds}

The Husband found a theater about 45 minutes away that shows $2 movies {$4 for 3D movies}. We took the kids to a 3D movie. It was the first time the 2 smallest boys saw a movie in a theater!

Summertime, livin's easy {er}

Today makes 3 weeks that the boys have been done with school for the summer, and we have been doing a great job doing a whole lot of not much 

They are allowed to watch TV first thing in the morning during summer break.

tv zombies

{which, by default, means I get to linger in peace  with my beloved coffee. Ahhhhh!}

The teenager got his learner's permit!

So What?

I am all for letting my kids be their own people, especially when it comes to how they dress.

My philosophy is as long as they are good, polite, nice people who do what they need to be doing, who cares if they want long hair, blue hair, no hair, nail polish, stripes and polka dots together, PJs at the grocery store, super hero costume at church- whatever.

I Hate Homeschooling

But I do it anyway.

Here's why..... {back-story- it started here}

I swore for years I would never homeschool, I made a whole lot of noise about how no way no how was I going to "be stuck" with my kids being homeschooled.

I'm pretty sure I knew {with my Mom Super Powers} that Elijah was just not going to make it in a public/charter school.